Mobile Paint Stripping Dustless Blasting

DB1500 Mobile Package

The DB1500 Mobile is perfect for those who are looking to do very large high volume jobs. Everything about this machine is HUGE! It has a tremendous amount of productivity and is ideal for ships, water towers, large storage tanks, etc. This machine is 1/3 faster than the DB800 Mobile. A job that would take 3 hours with the DB800 Mobile will take 2 hours with the DB1500 Mobile. This machine is very large making it much more ideal for heavy industrial work as opposed to residential cleaning.

Mobile Paint Stripping

The DB1500 Mobile is a high productivity machine with the capacity and air volume you need to tackle huge jobs. This machine has a 375 CFM compressor for maximum productivity and 220 gallon water tank so you can refill the blast tank several times when there's no access to a water source. You can also upgrade the blast tank to a DB3000.

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