Mobile Paint Stripping Dustless Blasting

DB800 Mobile Package

The DB800 Mobile is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking to do a high volume of work as the machine is about 1/3 more productive than the DB500 Mobile. This is a result of a much larger air compressor as well as a larger blast pot giving the operator about 1 ½ hrs before needing to stop to refill the blast pot. This means a job that would take 3 hours with a DB500 mobile will take 2 hours with the DB800 mobile. Due to the increase in productivity this machine is also ideal for much larger jobs and very industrial environments.

Mobile Paint Stripping

The DB800 Mobile Is a high productivity machine perfect for operating a mobile paint stripping business. With the capacity and air volume this machine offers you'll be able to medium sized industrial jobs and other high volume work. The 150 gallon water tank gives you the option to refill the machine 5times even without access to water.

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