Mobile Paint Stripping Dustless Blasting

How to Price Jobs

Automotive Stripping

The value of auto stripping varies across the country, but below is a ballpark price list that we've found to be about average.


Outside Body $850
Inside Body $300
Outside Panels $75
Inside & Outside Panels $125
Hood Outside $125
Hood Inside $75
Trunk Outside $100
Trunk Inside $75
Door Jams $250
Disassembled Car $1,350
Wheel $35


Our blasting systems can remove paint, primer, rust, body filler, under coating and powder coating in one step. This is extremely valuable to your potential customers, and helps differentiate you from the competition.



Fiberglass Boats

The general cost to strip a fiberglass boat is $35 per linear foot if the boat is less than 35 linear feet long. For boats over 35 feet long you charge the length of the boat in feet times the linear footage of the boat. For example, if a boat is 45 feet long you would charge $45 X 45. If the boat is 70 feet long you charge $70 x 70. If you are required to contain and dispose of all blasting products you may want to add $10 per linear foot to that amount.


Again this is just a starting point, you may find that this service is worth more or less in your area. Be sure to check local regulations to see how to properly dispose of blasting byproducts.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be found in most urban areas. Because it is an eyesore, businesses and municipalities are eager to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Power washing won't get rid of it, and most sand blasters are not mobile. This makes graffiti the perfect opportunity for a mobile paint stripping service! We recommend charging between $3.50 - $5 per square foot, with a minimum of $200 - $300. This price range also works for removing paint from masonry and concrete.

Parking Stripe Removal

Parking stripe removal is generally charged by linear foot. It varies, but generally $3 / linear foot is a good ballpark figure. Sometimes there are multiple layers of lines that can be more difficult to remove than just one, so it's a good idea to blast a test area to make sure you know what your production rate will be. In the case study below, the contractor was able to remove about 10 linear feet per minute.

Masonry Restoration

Building restoration and de-painting is another large income stream for many Dustless Blasting contractors. The charge for this type of work is generally $2.50 - $4.00 per square feet for cleaning only, and $3.50 - $5.00 per square foot for paint removal. Below is a case study for a job like this.

Miscellaneous Job Types

Because there are so many variables, it is simply not feasible for us to give you a ballpark figure for most miscellaneous jobs. There are so many different paints, coatings, substrates, media types, pressures, nozzles, and airflows that an accurate prediction of productivity is impossible to make. The best thing to do is put one bag of media in the machine and see how far it gets you, and how many square feet you can do per minute. With these figures you should be able to estimate your time and material cost and arrive at your price that way. Remember, no matter what you’re doing, things almost never go perfectly, so give yourself some head room in your bid.

It’s a good idea to keep specific records of how each job went, so that as you add more jobs to your portfolio you’ll get better at estimating times and costs.

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